Orange-County-Micro-Wedding-ElopementWhy to choose an Elopement or Micro Wedding? Well, in light of our reality with Covid-19, there are so many reasons why an elopement or micro wedding is a great consideration. Years ago, elopements were considered spur-of-the-moment, with little to no planning, and were typically executed in secret. But today, elopement ceremonies are for couples who want total freedom to choose. Because of the Coronavirus, many of my clients who were planning big weddings for 2020 are now postponing and planning intimate elopements or micro weddings for 2021. Let’s chat about why I am completely on board with this idea and ways to decide if it is right for you!


First, let’s go over the difference between a micro wedding and an elopement. Micro weddings are perfect for couples who want a part of the traditional ceremony built into their day. There are still guests (though usually a very limited amount) and some considerations like decor, catering and a timeline to follow. However, micro wedding is generally much more flexible than a larger wedding due to the fact that it’s still a small event and, with less guests, there is much more freedom within the timeline.

 An elopement is almost entirely focused on the ceremony and act itself, and is pretty open to interpretation. Some couples elect to have a few guests and some don’t. Unlike in the past, however, many couples now elect to create a more meaningful elopement celebration, even if it just remains the two of them and a witness. I like to suggest they take place in a special destination, whether it be somewhere you’ve always wanted to travel to, or your favorite place to go together. And by including a few special details or decor elements, you can craft personal nuptials that will not only photograph beautifully, but be an incredible experience from start to finish.

Orange-County-Micro-Wedding-Elopement Orange-County-Micro-Wedding-Elopement

The days of thinking you need to sink a ton of money into a huge celebration to have a successful wedding are gone. The millennial mindset, along with the rising costs of weddings, has paved the way for these super fun elopements + micro weddings.

As we all know, larger, more traditional weddings require a huge amount of coordination and money. And at this moment in time, we aren’t sure when larger group gatherings will be allowed to resume, and when they are able to, will guests feel comfortable attending a large-scale event?  Elopements and micro weddings offer an affordable alternative that’s not only less stressful for couples to plan, but also offer a much more intimate celebration. And for any couples who don’t want to wait until big gatherings are absolutely deemed safe, a smaller wedding is a great option for now — or soon.

Orange-County-Micro-Wedding-Elopement Orange-County-Micro-Wedding-ElopementOrange-County-Micro-Wedding-ElopementOrange-County-Micro-Wedding-Elopement

So, is it for you? Let’s discuss why it might be!

  • If you decide you don’t want to wait until it’s 100% cleared to host a big event, you can consider an elopement or micro wedding once it’s deemed safe to host a small event (let’s say less than 50; and even safer still, less than 10). This is something I’m advising couples to plan for Fall 2021 at the earliest, while keeping in mind they may still need to remain flexible.
  • For couples who would prefer to put a large amount of money towards a down payment on a house, student loans or furthering education, a bigger honeymoon or just their savings account, it’s refreshing how acceptable it is these days to have an intimate celebration, with less judgement from those who may not be attending and more of a focus on the two of you and your marriage.
  • They’re ideal for those who truly want wedding planning to feel stress-free with less decisions to make and less pressure for everything to go perfectly. Micro weddings and elopements are perfect in the fact that they are meant to be fluid and flexible, low-key and enjoyable.

By choosing an elopement or micro wedding, you’ll be able to prioritize spending quality time with each and every loved one at your event. And that is something, in and of itself, worth celebrating!

Orange-County-Micro-Wedding-Elopement Orange-County-Micro-Wedding-Elopement

I am here to help my clients every step of the way, and this includes offering extra, hands-on assistance for planning your elopement or micro wedding! I offer an inclusive, custom rate for a fuss-free experience which includes a simplified photography package and also can come with the option for other vendors to be included. Please just reach out for more details!

Orange-County-Micro-Wedding-ElopementOrange-County-Micro-Wedding-ElopementOrange-County-Micro-Wedding-Elopement Orange-County-Micro-Wedding-ElopementOrange-County-Micro-Wedding-Elopement

In current times, one silver lining is priorities are becoming clear and, while many of you may still dream of and decide to plan a large wedding (which I fully support!), planning a celebration that is truly intimate and centered around your love may be something that becomes more important to you.


I hope this has given you lots of helpful info on why to choose an Elopement or Micro Wedding! Let’s chat about your options for your big day and whether an elopement or micro wedding is right for you! For more resources, including more about micro weddings, click here!