With more of my couples choosing to wed in smaller size, intimate celebrations, known as micro weddings and elopements I thought I’d share more about Micro Weddings and why I love them. With our current reality in dealing with the Coronavirus, forbidding large scale celebrations, couples are getting creative and are more open to elopements and small weddings than ever before. I’ll be sharing my thoughts and why, for certain couples, I am on board with the ideas of these intimate celebrations.

Orange-County-Micro-Wedding-ElopementOrange-County-Micro-Wedding-Elopement Orange-County-Micro-Wedding-ElopementOrange-County-Micro-Wedding-ElopementOrange-County-Micro-Wedding-ElopementOrange-County-Micro-Wedding-ElopementOrange-County-Micro-Wedding-ElopementOrange-County-Micro-Wedding-Elopement


I loved watching these two help each other get ready! This is such a fun aspect to a Micro Wedding or Elopement that typically doesn’t take place during a larger, more traditional wedding.

Orange-County-Micro-Wedding-Elopement Orange-County-Micro-Wedding-ElopementOrange-County-Micro-Wedding-ElopementOrange-County-Micro-Wedding-Elopement Orange-County-Micro-Wedding-Elopement

So, what is a Micro wedding? A Micro wedding is a much smaller-scale celebration that typically has a simplified timeline guest count of 20 to 50 of only the closest friends + family. My experience has been that the ceremony itself is much faster so you can focus on the reception and spending time with those people who made your shortlist. I can tell you from personal experience that s small guest count is amazing! Our wedding was on a vineyard with only 50 guests. We got to spend quality time with each and every person and get photos with them, which is hard to do at large guest count wedding.