If you’re wondering how to elope in Paris, I’m thrilled to say I have you covered thanks to today’s guest post by Katerina Meyvial, a highly sought after wedding planner specializing in weddings and elopements in Paris. Much of her clientele are couples planning a destination wedding or elopement in Paris, and today, she’ll share some great insight as to why you might want to consider eloping overseas! Especially given the current state of our world and the uncertainty brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, a small micro wedding or elopement in the world’s most romantic city might be the perfect choice for your I-Dos! Read on for her expert tips on why, how and when to plan your perfect Paris elopement! And please feel free to reach out to Katerina or myself in regards to more details about your celebration!

From Katerina, You don’t feel like a big and fussy celebration with 100+ guests in one of your local hotels? It is your second wedding? You have a rich social life and you need a break to enjoy intimacy and privacy? Or you simply want to have an extraordinary romantic experience away from home? There are so many good reasons to elope to Paris!


Quick to organise, elopement in Paris is an amazing solution for couples that don’t feel like a big celebration. You can elope accompanied by close friends and family members, or you can plan a ceremony in a romantic tête-à-tête. Contrary to bigger weddings that require up to 15 months to plan, an elopement can be prepared in a month.

The best time to come to Paris is April to mid-October, when the weather is more likely to be warm and sunny. That being said, winter elopements in Paris can have their own charm. Days are shorter, so if you dream about a candlelit vows exchange ceremony, wintertime is the great period for that!


Today you can find thousands of photos of ceremonies that take place on Trocadero square or near the Eiffel tower. While these images look gorgeous, I’d like to warn you that they tend to falsify the reality. First, the majority of these ceremonies take place between 6 and 8 am in the morning, which means you will need to wake up as early as 3 am to get your make-up and hair done. Imagine yourself being pampered in your hotel room by your beauty artist with your fiancé sleeping nearby. Even if you have a suite, it still feels a bit awkward. If you are personally ready to try the experience, I would actively discourage you to do so if you have guests. Wearing an evening dress, high heels and drinking champagne at 7 am is a bit too crazy for a great majority of people.


To get the most of your elopement in Paris, I would recommend booking a private venue for your vows exchange ceremony. It could be a beautiful hotel with a terrace or private ballroom in case if you plan to have guests. You will be free to have your ceremony at any time, to decorate the place in a way you want, and you will also be able to install a small table with finger foods, desserts and champagne to share after the celebration. Having a private place transforms a simple photoshoot in the experience. After all, elopement is still a small wedding, so there is no reason not to prepare it accordingly. You can still enjoy the photoshoot in iconic Parisian locations after this celebratory moment.


Ready to elope to Paris and need some assistance? Drop me a line and I will be happy to help you to plan your celebration!

Thank you so much, Katerina, for sharing your expertise! I’m looking forward to partnering with Katerina in Paris in the future! For more planning tips, be sure to check out my resource page.